Our Promise to you..

Ever walked into your school's art department, and felt a loss of words for what you're experiencing? Not enough valuable resources, not enough insight on what YOU wanna do.. Ever wake up in the morning and instead of getting in your daily art grind.. you just wanna give up? Ever want to sell your art but feel overshadowed by artists who are more professional and experienced than you? Well.. look no further. Splatter is a site for students, by students in the art field who aspire to become pros at what they love, art making! Whether it's graphic design, sculpting, animation, you name it, we have it! The purpose of this site is to NOT replace what you learned in school, but rather to enrich your understanding and knowledge of the art profession you wish to pursue. When it feels like you have no idea what you're doing, this site will be your guide, and will connect you with artists all across the world. What's better than that.. they're students, just like you! So next time you're hiding behind your sketchbook in class, lost and confused on how to "art", then this website is just for you!